Creating bespoke radio station imaging and effects

Air Media is a production company based in the UK. We produce audio content from production effects, voice overs, traffic beds, radio imaging workparts, TOH news beds, weather and traffic music, sports beds, also seasonal effects for Christmas.

radio imaging effects

Radio production, Air Media and me!

My name is Alistair Reeves and I am a radio producer. I sit at a computer for many hours in a day with a microphone, an audio editor known as Sony Sound Forge and a music sequencer called Studio One by Presonus.

This allows my production company Air Media to create jingles for Podcast stations and radio sweepers for internet radio DJs. Being a producer and a voice over artist means I can supply a dry voice over or a mix sweeper ident with sound FX from our imaging effects libraries.

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radio imaging

What's included...
Every package on Air Media excluding the Voice Over service.

Radio Imaging Library

Radio Imaging Library - £99

If you are looking to buy all our effects and radio beds on the Air Media website. Then why not take advantage of this Special Offer.

You get... all the effects libraries, including radio beds, weather and traffic music, TOH news beds, imaging workparts and seasonal production FX. All included in one radio production library.

radio imaging effects

What's included...
A variety of different imaging effects from within our library.

Radio Imaging Effects

Radio Imaging Effects

Looking for a radio effects library for sweepers? Then look no further. We have a great FX library suitable for all budgets.

All imaging effects can be used within your production at an affordable price. These sound effects are copyright free and can be downloaded instantly from our website today.

voice overs

What's included...
A voice over with 25 words per voice over, per script.

Voice Overs

Voice Overs

A UK British and global voice over artist at a low cost which can be used for your radio station, TV or promotions.

If you are looking for a voice over for TV or radio then our in-house voice over guy, Alistair Reeves, can produce and create your stations image and DJ sweepers at a price you can afford.

radio beds

What's included...
Different radiobeds including production and dance mixes.

Radio Beds


If you are looking for radio beds then Air Media have a large imaging library of production beds to suit your stations needs.

We have many different styles of production beds to electonic dance to rock beds. These can be used for promos, talk over music and come in various different lenghts and styles.

news beds

What's included...
Several different news beds all suitable for your radio station.

News Beds

News Beds

If you are looking for radio news imaging then Air Media have a great selection of TOH news beds for your station.

All our news beds are suitable for community, interent and commercial radio stations. Our news imaging beds are available as an instant download and are copyright free.

christmas FX

Whats included...
Christmas imaging sound FX for the Christmas season.

Christmas Effects


Our Christmas imaging elements are affordable and perfect for any radio station. Used for DJ Sweeper Jingles and Radio Station Idents.

A seasonal selection of xmas imaging elements to give your station the right sound for the Christmas season. Packages comes complete with copyright free effects, elements and beds.

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